Massive New Istanbul Airport Set for Launch
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Massive New Istanbul Airport Set for Launch

$12 billion airport in Istanbul set for October 2018 opening and already 80% complete.

TLME News Service

Istanbul New Airport (INA) has been slated to open on October 29, 2018, with construction work 80% complete, heralding a new era of cargo transportation.

INA has been built to become a world-leading air-hub positioned strategically between the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

The new cargo aviation hub will serve up to 100 airlines and fly to around 350 destinations, while also being one of, if not the, busiest passenger airport in the world.

INA is also set to have the world’s largest air terminal under one roof in its premises.

Yusuf Akçayoglu, CEO of IGA Airports Construction, the company building and operating INA, said: “This will put Turkey’s stamp on the history of aviation.

“We are looking forward to delivering Istanbul New Airport in its entirety in October.”

INA has been developed as one of the most advanced airports in history, with around 34,183 LED lights on its first runway.

‘Intelligent lighting’ renders guiding processes as much more manageable and safer.

The official opening of phase one of INA is planned to take place on the Republic Day of Turkey, the 29th of October.

The air cargo industry has seen a boost in figures recently, bringing some much needed cheer to the industry.

However, that growth has been checked by the continuing dispute between the US and China, with fears that US President Donald Trump’s economic policy of protectionism could spark an all-out trade war.

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