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Careem Unveils Emirati Captains
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Careem Unveils Emirati Captains

First group includes 14 Captains

TLME News Service

Careem, in collaboration with DoT’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), began an outreach program targeting UAE nationals last November and so far it has attracted more than 100 applicants.

Careem has revealed that the first group that includes 14 Captains, while more than 30 other Captains are being prepared to join the fleet in the coming weeks.

This programme provides job opportunities for Emiratis, offering a flexible and stable income, while also supporting the UAE’s vision to achieve the economic diversification.

The Emirati Captains will be driving their own cars, including Lexus, Range Rover, Hyundai Genesis, Cadillac Escalade and Nissan Patrol, but will offer extra value to passengers as they will operate at no extra premium to local taxis.

Mohammed Darwish Al Qamzi, General Manager of Integrated Transport Center (ITC), said: “This is a major step towards supporting the transport sector in Abu Dhabi and offering new job opportunities for Emiratis who will now benefit from earning an income and serving their community at the same time.”

Through this program, Careem continues its commitment to the local community and effectively contributing to the economy, by creating job opportunities and leveraging modern technology in day-to-day life.

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It also provides Emiratis with an opportunity to showcase their authentic traditions and values of generosity and hospitality to visitors.

Careem conducts training sessions in Abu Dhabi to upskill Captains on how to use Careem technology; best driving practices; vehicle and road safety, and customer service.

Careem offers all Captains additional benefits including support for applying for a vehicle, health insurance, personal finance training and discounts on fuel and groceries.

Ahead of qualifying to drive for Careem, all Captains go through rigorous screening and background checks including character references and driving history.

To qualify for the program, Captains must have local residency, be aged 23 and above and with a minimum of five years’ driving experience.

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