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Hutchison Ports Dammam Innovates with Female Crane Operators 
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Hutchison Ports Dammam Innovates with Female Crane Operators 

Saudi port brings in new talent and offers Saudi women new opportunities 

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Hutchison Ports Dammam has implemented female remote controlled gantry crane operators, thus developing employment opportunities for everyone.

Hutchison Ports Dammam has also made significant investments in modern and advanced technology.

Hutchison Ports Dammam now has 5 remote controlled cranes and the new “multi-million dollar semi-automated pieces of technology that arrived in the port of Dammam in 2015 have been providing state of the art service levels to the international shipping lines calling the port ever since”, the company said in a statement.

Hutchison Ports Dammam Innovates with Female Crane Operators 

The ZPMC ZP-13/2060 cranes, are capable of lifting 65 tons of cargo, have a lift height of 44m and can extend out to lift at 60 metres.

Whilst they can be operated in the traditional way from the crane cabin, the new remote control office, equipped with joy stick consoles, located 2km from the crane is preferred by the operators.

Mr. Jay New, CEO of Hutchison Ports Dammam, said: “The new cranes are a quantum leap forward for port services in the Kingdom and confirm our continuing ability to offer shipping lines the fastest service possible in Dammam port.

“We are delighted to now see more and more Saudis become part of our training programme and especially the 2 ladies, Sarah and Bodor who joined our programme this year.”

Sarah Balhareth and Bodor Hameed are a new class of port operator and a sign of the growing opportunities for ambitious Saudis to engage in the transport and maritime sector.

Hutchison Ports Dammam Innovates with Female Crane Operators 

They embarked upon 100 hours of classroom training, passing a rigorous testing and application process to now be licensed as remote control Gantry Crane operators and to play their part in the regular operations at Dammam port.

“We believe that these operators will become role models for all young women in Saudi Arabia” continued Andy Tsoi, the Managing Director for Hutchison Ports’ Middle East and Africa Division.

Bodor Hameed was happy to confirm that, “Remote-controlled cranes are a major leap forward for port technology globally and I’m proud to be amongst the first Saudi women to operate such equipment.

“It has been a great challenge for us but our training and this opportunity allows us to work to a very high standard.”

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